Last-Mile Delivery Service: Pulse Picks Kwik

It is with great pleasure that we announce our selection as the best last-mile delivery service for the Pulse Digital Picks
#PulseDigitalPicks is a series that spotlights one digital service provider that can be trusted fully on the basis of their reliability and consistency.
We are the leading last-mile app-based delivery service in Lagos because of our notable service efficiency and reliability.

Who We Are

kwik: best last-mile delivery serviceEngineered by powerful technology to solve logistics and transportation needs across Africa, our aim is to help e-commerce businesses in Africa with just-in-time deliveries. ​Hence, we use the power of data to provide reliable B2B services to African merchants who require last-mile delivery services.

With a strategy to solve logistics and transportation challenges in Africa, our company goal is to operate in multiple cities across Africa and continue to introduce effective delivery services to these cities.

How We Stand Out as The Best Last-mile Delivery Service

Just-in-time Delivery

As a B2B delivery service, we understand the importance of time. For this reason, we handle the whole pickup and delivery process within 2 hours to and from any location in Lagos.

Unique Solutions

As a tech company driven by innovation, we offer unique solutions to our different clients.
For example, our bags have been specially designed to keep your food hot or cold for 6 hours. This feature gives food vendors an added advantage. Also, Pharmaceuticals can use KWIK to transport cold-chain and other medical inventories.
At Kwik, we put our customers first. We will continue to research and utilize unique solutions to solve the delivery needs of our clients.

Features of the App

The KWIK app is designed to give our customers an experience they can trust. By implementing a seamless process, we handle delivery for our customers with the best technology available.

How We Charge

The app is designed to automatically calculate charges based on the distance between the pick-up and delivery point, rather than the conventional method of charging per weight (kg).

Time Management Feature

In addition, with the kwik app, you can focus on important things rather than the process of placing deliveries. You can schedule your delivery and make plans for recurring deliveries on the app.


The app is integrated with a secure payment gateway such as Paystack and Paga to guarantee safety while transacting.


Furthermore, placing a delivery order with the KWIK app puts you in total control. You have access to track
your parcels in real-time, bus-stop by bus-stop, right there on the app.
The KWIK app is an all-in-one delivery platform.

Our Achievements

As a startup that is relatively new to the Lagos market, we pride ourselves in the growth of our
customer base. Our customers are from different sectors that consider Kwik to be the best last-mile delivery Service.

In May 2020, we reached 14,000 verified customers, consisting of corporate bodies, shops,
merchants, law firms and independent traders. These customers rely on our service to deliver
goods and documents to their suppliers, customers and business partners.

Our customers are impressed with our availability. We attend to scheduled
orders, as well as on-demand orders.  As a last-mile delivery service, we deliver to the door of the recipient.
Simply put, on request, we move!

In addition, we provide Goods in Transit Insurance to our customers, just in case.
These and many more are the reasons we were chosen for Pulse Digital Picks.
To learn more about how Kwik works, click here.

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