Kwik Delivery Riders are now on the road

After 9 months of developing our software and planning our operations, Kwik Delivery riders are finally on the Lagos roads.

Our Objective

Our objective is to help corporations and traders in African cities with effective delivery to their suppliers and customers. In an exclusive interview with Romain Poirot Lellig, our founder and CEO, he told Nairametrics that as a result of the slim margins in Africa retail businesses, traders keep inventory levels at a bare minimum. In which case, it difficult to restock, which leads to a loss in revenue.

Our Kwik delivery riders are well trained. They are conscious of time, making it possible for us to provide Just-in-time deliveries to our target audience.

Our Services

Kwik currently delivers across Lagos State within 2 hours, thanks to our amazing Kwik Delivery Riders. To use Kwik, you just have to download the app and can make requests and track their deliveries.

Also, As a B2B delivery platform, we understand the importance of effective customer service, our riders are well-trained. They are time conscious and deliver effective customer service at pick-up and delivery point.

Our delivery platform is available for everyone who has a delivery need. We attend to Small Businesses like food vendors, cosmetics vendors, e-commerce businesses, photographers, basically anyone who needs to deliver.

Furthermore, we have a unique solution for corporate bodies like banks, automotive companies, e.t.c, who need to deliver.

In our few months of operations, we keep getting positive feedback and constructive ones that help us to better.

Our App

At Kwik delivery, we are focused on making your work easier. We can pick up from your suppliers to you and pick up from you to your customers. We offer a delivery service that is all-in-one. Once you download the app, you can book, pay and even track your delivery right in the app.

Finally, our app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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