Frequently Asked Questions

What is kwik ?

Kwik is a brand new on-demand, last-mile bike delivery service focusing on large West African cities. It currently operates in Lagos, Nigeria, and is looking to expand to other cities in the country and elsewhere in the near future.

Kwik uses the power of technology to solve logistics and transportation issues and to create economic opportunity for young African of promise.

How Does Kwik Works ?

Kwik is an app-based, last-mile delivery service. We focus on B2B customers, although anyone can create an account either by downloading our app on the Google Store or the Apple Store or by accessing the service through our website

Once your account is created, you specify your pick-up and delivery addresses as well as various options such as the type of delivery and the system proposes you a delivery price.

Once you have checked out your order, the price is fixed and one of our Kwiksters will promptly come to pick it up at the specified location.

Who Uses Kwik ?

Kwik is focused on B2B customers, but our service is open to anyone who downloads the app.

Where Does Kwik Operates ?

Kwik currently operates in the Lagos Metropolitan Area.

How Long Does a Delivery Take ?

We commit to deliver inside the Lagos LMA within 2 hours from confirmation of the order.

Can I track my shipment in real time ?

Yes, absolutely! Once your shipment is picked up, you receive a link allowing you to track your shipment in real time!

What’s the maximum load weight ?

Our kwik boxes are designed to hold 25 kg maximum at a time.

What’s the maximum load size ?

Our kwik boxes can hold any item or bundle of items with a maximum size of 36x36x42.

Are my kwik shipments insured ?

Yes! Shipment delivered by our Kwiksters benefit from Goods in Transit insurance provided by ALLIANZ for a value of up to 500,000 Nairas or equivalent.

How Can I Pay ?

Customers can pay for the delivery price through a variety of options: with local & international debit and credit cards, through your Paga account or through cash on pick up and cash on delivery.

What Are Kwik’s Operating Hours ?

Kwik operates Monday from Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

Placing An Order

Kwik uses its online platform for placing delivery requests to independent delivery partners. It connects kwiksters to customers with delivery needs. All one needs to do is sign up and place an order.

Why is my “Proceed to Pay” button not working ?

For the “Proceed to Pay” button to work, please make sure that you provided all info for pick up location and delivery point.

I Have An Issue With A Delivery, What Should I Do ?

Please contact us using the Chat module in the side menu of your smartphone app or on the lower right corner of the desktop app. You can also write to

How Can I Become A Kwister ?

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